• Oil on troubled waters: GB Fuels in the spotlight

  • What are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs)?

  • Battery electric truck in service - Volvo FE Electric with Fox Group

  • Understanding the ‘carbon jargon’ of commercial vehicle and freight and what it means for your business

  • Explainer article - how does the battery work in a battery electric truck?

  • Is it time for a TCO rethink?

Carbon zero insights


Delivering a partnership for the future


As witnessed in last week’s newsletter, the Zemo Partnership has delivered some great inputs into the decarbonisation arena, both in the days of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LCVP) and since the re-brand to Zemo. Our comments, last week, on the life cycle analysis across a range of low and ...


New Zemo life cycle report cautions against rush to zero


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The opportunities for artificial intelligence in road freight transport


For this week’s commentary, we’ve handed the pen to regular contributor Darren Newman, for his thoughts on the great leap forward Artificial Intelligence (AI) could facilitate in the road freight sector.


Scoping out the future


We’ve spent a bit of time over the past few weeks scratching away at the topic of non-financial reporting. We’ve been asked to speak at a couple of conferences and deliver a short “introduction to decarbonisation” training course for an organisation and figured we needed to know a bit more. ...

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Freight Carbon Zero – looking ahead for 2024


As we kick off the New Year 2024, we have asked our expert commentators to share their hopes for the year ahead as the industry continues its drive to decarbonise.


Beginning of the end for diesel – as COP28 secures agreement


They took it to the wire, but the COP28 UN Climate Change Conference, which concluded last week with a landmark agreement to “transition away from fossil fuels”, has been heralded as a major breakthrough. While many wanted a full commitment to a phase-out of fossil fuels, which had been in ...


Impact of autonomous vehicles on freight


We caught up with Dominic Schofield at the CENEX LCV Show back in September, lighting the fuse for this week’s commentary looking at the role of connected autonomous vehicles in the freight sector. We sent him off to explore whether this is the holy grail for battery electric commercial vehicles…


Public and Private – Two Sides of the Same Fleet Decarbonisation Coin…


Chris Douglas who has spent the past 25 years working across numerous road freight roles in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, this week shares his views on how we should be more open to taking learnings from one another…


From “sun to wheel”, the new energy ecosystem


For this week’s newsletter we’ve turned to Daimler Truck’s Member of the Management Board Dr Andreas Gorbach , who, in a recent LinkedIn post gave an enlightened perspective on the energy ecosystem. Time to shake off the legacy terms of reference and consider a truly world view of energy management, ...