Gregory Group sets Net Zero Emissions Target for 2038

Gregory Group has announced its commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2038. This ambitious target reflects the company’s long-standing dedication to sustainability and its recognition of the significant environmental impact of the transport sector.


ReFuels expands Bio-CNG refuelling network with new station in Newton Aycliffe, UK

ReFuels N.V., a leading European supplier of renewable biomethane (Bio-CNG) for decarbonising heavy goods vehicles, has announced the opening of its 11th refuelling station at Newton Aycliffe in County Durham, under the CNG Fuels brand.



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A postcard from India…

For this week’s commentary, we turn our attention to developments in India and have handed the pen to Ramesh Kumar for the first in a series of articles. In this commentary he’s kicking off with an overview of the legislative framework for decarbonisation currently being discussed.


Less carbon, more neon

For this week’s newsletter commentary, we returned to former Commercial Motor Editor Brian Weatherley, for his thoughts around truck charging.