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If you’re a regular reader of the Freight Carbon Zero Briefing weekly email newsletter, you’ll know these include a regular industry commentary piece, giving our expert insights and observations on a particular topic. Some of our registered users have asked us where they can see all those insights in one place. At Freight Carbon Zero we’re always happy to oblige, so we have created this page especially for you to review all the previous reports. All you have to do is register with us to see them. If you have a topic you think we should be covering in a future commentary, please drop us a line at


Proposed weight increases for new technologies


Last week, the Department for Transport (DfT) put out its draft documentation outlining the changes to the Authorized Weight legislation. The new rules will allow additional gross weight capacity for new vehicles with lower emissions than traditional diesel vehicles.


Life in the legacy truck brands?


A recent interview our colleagues at Commercial Motor carried out with the new Managing Director at Scania UK has got us thinking about brand image, identity and differentiation between the truck manufacturers as we shift to a future beyond fossil fuels. The comments in the interview refer to Scania’s mighty ...

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Are you making the most of the Capacity Market opportunity?


Mid January will see the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy set out procurement levels for its upcoming Capacity Market (CM) auction, due to start on 10 February.


Lessons to be learned from the electric passenger car backlash


It may be a quiet news week that’s caused it or the mainstream journalists have got bored of espousing their benefits or we may be facing a real backlash. But either way, over the past few days there seems to have been the ripple of a backlash against electric vehicles. ...