Tevva has demonstrated its everlasting commitment to consumers by becoming one of the first electric truck manufacturers in the UK to put their vehicles through rigorous wind tunnel testing.

Our engineers studied a scale model of the Tevva 7.5t battery electric truck (since the wind tunnel is designed to handle vehicles smaller than an HGV) to understand how it would interact with air in the real world.

tevva wind

Source: Tevva PR

The ‘truck’ was subjected to gusts of up to 80mph during the two-day test at HORIBA MIRA’s site in Nuneaton, with data collected on how airflow impacts range and performance.

Our aerodynamic specialists discovered that installing an aero roof and panels improved the vehicle’s drag coefficient by about 10%, implying that it operated more effectively with those modifications.

The results of the wind tunnel testing will allow Tevva to work more closely with clients to determine the optimum solution for their particular business.

wind 2

Source: Tevva PR

“We did the tests with and without a crucial part, the aero roof and associated panels, which can be included when a customer buys a Tevva truck. We were able to see the difference in performance and are now better able to provide key information on range and performance to customers.” stated Martin Chathanattu, Tevva’s Lead Engineer for Aero and Thermal Attributes.

He added: “At Tevva, we go the extra mile to ensure our customers have vehicles that get the job done. Our drag coefficient finding is excellent news for businesses that want to save money in the long term. And being among the first electric truck manufacturers to carry out this testing shows just how focused Tevva is on the businesses who will use our technology.”