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bp charging

bp pulse has announced the launch of Europe’s first charging corridor for eTrucks


bp pulse has announced the opening of Europe’s first charging corridor for medium and heavy-duty electric trucks.

designwerk charge

Designwerk Technologies is developing a megawatt truck charging system


Designwerk Technologies AG is developing a brand-new megawatt charging system. It has been intended to charge e-trucks in 45 minutes or less. The partnership-based pilot project’s goal is to create e-trucks capable of long-distance travel while reducing the load on power networks. A new charging standard for big commercial vehicles ...


New consortium, Nimbnet, to build truck charging network in Sweden


Nimbnet, a new Swedish charging station operator, and Virta, a Finland-based worldwide charging platform and end-to-end solution provider, are co-operating to establish a charging network for electric trucks.


The Oslo Municipality releases initial funding for installation of fast chargers for trucks


The funding will go toward the construction of 28 fast chargers for electric trucks and buses in Oslo. The development efforts are overseen by the players St1 and Fastcharge.

pilot and volvo

The Volvo Group and Pilot Company collaborate to build charging network in North America


The Volvo Group and Pilot Co. have signed a letter of Intent to establish a nationwide public charging network to assist the expansion of battery-electric Volvo VNR Electric trucks.


ICCT white paper explores charging solutions for battery-electric trucks


The International Council on Clean Transportation has published a white paper that gives an overview of alternatives to plug-in charging for battery-electric vehicles, as well as their cost and timescale for deployment.

element 2

Element 2 and Tower Group in deal to roll out hydrogen refuelling stations for HGVs in South West


Plans to roll out a UK-wide network of refuelling stations for hydrogen-powered HGVs by 2027 moved a step closer this week with the creation of a partnership between hydrogen refuelling firm Element 2 and hydrogen producer Tower Group.


Daimler Truck boosts CO2-neutral energy supply at manufacturing facilities with photovoltaics


As well as developing a line-up of carbon zero commercial vehicles Daimler Truck has revealed its plans to CO2-neutrality in all its factories and business divisions worldwide by 2039. From 2023, the European locations will be CO2-neutral, thanks in part to the use of solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, the ...


​Unpicking the price variations in electricity supply and how transport can benefit


Our energy correspondent, Janet Wood, outlines how the volatility in the market for electricity supply and demand is seeing some huge price fluctuations.