Paccar Parts Europe has recently completed the installation of an on-site power supply system at DAF’s BEST Trucks dealership in Barendrecht, the Netherlands. 


Source: DAF

This innovative system, referred to as a ‘microgrid,’ integrates 750 solar panels mounted on the roof, an Energy Storage System (ESS) with a capacity of 480kWh, and advanced energy management systems (EMS). The microgrid is designed to provide rapid charging for trucks leaving the workshop and also powers a public super-fast charger.

Tailored specifically to meet the needs of the dealership, the project commenced with the installation of the ESS, EMS, and three super-fast charger outlets capable of delivering up to 360kW. These components are connected to the existing solar panels on the roof and the local electricity grid.

Within the workshop, two chargers have been installed to power up electric trucks within an hour. Additionally, a third fast charger is accessible to the public. “Electric vehicles should always leave our workshop charged to at least 80% of their capacity, so that these can immediately hit the road after they have been serviced,” said BEST Trucks’ owner Ronald Janssen.

One of the key advantages of the ESS is its ability to provide reliable power availability, even during periods of high demand or adverse weather conditions. This ensures a consistent and sustainable energy supply for rapid charging operations. The EMS plays a crucial role in optimising the efficiency of the microgrid by analysing data such as expected sunlight hours, energy consumption, and grid demand peaks. This allows for smart monitoring and adjustment of the system to minimise energy costs.

“More dealers are showing an interest in this on-site power supply system. It is all about offering customers a premium service and facilitating the energy transition for a greener future,” Paccar Parts Europe Manager Innovation and Strategic Programs, Rob van Erp.