Lidl Introduces first hydrogen-powered vehicle in retail sector with Jacky Perrenot and Lhyfe

Lidl, in partnership with Jacky Perrenot and Lhyfe, has launched the first green hydrogen-powered vehicle in the French mass retail sector. This initiative is part of Lidl’s broader strategy to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.


Strategy review at Hyzon hints at sale of its European business

Hyzon, a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of  hydrogen fuel cell systems, has announced a strategic realignment of its business to concentrate on core markets in North America and the refuse industry. This decision follows a thorough review of the company’s operations.



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A postcard from India…

For this week’s commentary, we turn our attention to developments in India and have handed the pen to Ramesh Kumar for the first in a series of articles. In this commentary he’s kicking off with an overview of the legislative framework for decarbonisation currently being discussed.


Less carbon, more neon

For this week’s newsletter commentary, we returned to former Commercial Motor Editor Brian Weatherley, for his thoughts around truck charging.