University of Nottingham researchers drive innovation in hydrogen-powered refrigerated vehicles

Researchers at the University of Nottingham are spearheading a £1 million project to shape the design of hydrogen-powered refrigerated vehicles.


Decentralised electrolyser technology to enable green HGV infrastructure

To address the growing concern over the lack of hydrogen refilling stations across Europe, decentralised polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) electrolyser technology is emerging as a potential solution, crucial for meeting the deadline to end fossil fuel truck sales by 2040.




The costs of flexibility

In preparation for the Zemo Partnership conference taking place in London next week (15 June, City Hall, London – book your place to attend), we had reason to spend an hour on the phone to Professor David Cebon from the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight last week. He will be ...

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Why 80% just isn’t good enough

“Hydrogen will have a place in the net zero energy mix, just not as a transportation fuel.”