Battery Electric Vehicles

Electric powertrains in heavy commercial vehicles reduce emissions and costs by using an electric motor and battery instead of an internal combustion engine. This leads to reduced emissions, improved efficiency, and lower costs. Adoption is predicted to grow as battery technology improves and charging infrastructure expands. Expect to be kept informed on this ever-changing market at Freight Carbon Zero.

Electric powertrains in heavy commercial vehicles use an electric motor, powered by a battery, to drive the wheels instead of a traditional internal combustion engine.


What are Battery electric vehicles (BEV)?

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) use electric motors and motor controllers instead of internal combustion engines (ICEs) for propulsion. They derive all power from battery packs and thus have no internal combustion engine, fuel cell, or fuel tank. Read more…

Electric vehicle news

Shell and Redos collaborate to expand charging infrastructure in Germany

Shell and Redos collaborate to expand charging infrastructure in Germany

Shell Germany and Redos Group, a retail real estate investor, are partnering to establish 57 new charging locations at various retail sites across Germany. Each location will feature up to eight DC charging points powered by 100 percent green electricity.

3 Volvo Electric trucks

Volvo Trucks accelerates electric revolution with Ghent factory production

Volvo Trucks takes a leap toward eco-friendly transportation as it commences serial production of heavy battery electric trucks at its Ghent factory, expanding its electric truck production across Europe and the United States.


Truck Fleet Decarbonisation – What a journey…

This week Chris Douglas from Polaris Consultancy, who has spent the past 25 years working in road freight across operations, policy creation and consultancy roles in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, shares his views on the journey facing us all to a carbon zero future.

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Battery swaps – the great leap forward?

If you’ve been following the debate around how to decarbonise our heaviest vehicles, you’ll be aware that it’s essentially been a three-horse race. Out in front are battery trucks, with megawatt chargers soon to give them a boost. Close behind are hydrogen fuel cell trucks, accompanied by all the heated ...