Darren Newman

Darren Newman

Darren Newman has worked in the commercial vehicle sector for 35 years, beginning life as an apprentice with Renault in Dunstable where he continued to work in product, marketing and engineering roles. Subsequently working for Mercedes and then Volvo in different sales and engineering roles at both manufacturers and ultimately working in alternative fuels sales.

He established Low Carbon Truck Consultancy Ltd. in 2020 to work with operators navigating the landscape of carbon emissions, he takes an active role in industry groups and forums and has a focus on the practical realities of transport decarbonisation.

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    Let’s not consign biofuels to the scrapheap…


    Last week another report was published extolling the virtues of battery electric trucks. While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with that or the findings of the report, there are so many hurdles to cross before we get to this electrified nirvana, that we can’t help thinking we’re missing a few tactical ...

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    Is it time for a TCO rethink?


    Total Cost of Ownership calculations are often used to compare the costs of alternative vehicles over their operating lifetime. Whether comparing between traditional diesel vehicles or looking into alternative fuels or technologies, TCO has been the go-to method to compare capital cost (Cap-Ex) and operating cost (Op-Ex) over time to ...

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    What’s all the fuss about Scope 3 emissions reporting?


    We’ve heard a lot of references to Scope 3 emissions in our discussions over the past few weeks. It’s an important regulatory development which all transport operators should have on their radar. We thought we’d kick off with a short explainer.