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    Public and Private – Two Sides of the Same Fleet Decarbonisation Coin…


    Chris Douglas who has spent the past 25 years working across numerous road freight roles in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, this week shares his views on how we should be more open to taking learnings from one another… 

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    From “sun to wheel”, the new energy ecosystem


    For this week’s newsletter we’ve turned to Daimler Truck’s Member of the Management Board Dr Andreas Gorbach , who, in a recent LinkedIn post gave an enlightened perspective on the energy ecosystem. Time to shake off the legacy terms of reference and consider a truly world view of energy management, ...

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    The times they are a charging…


    Truck charging Source: Shutterstock This week, we’ve been musing on the matter of a public charging network for trucks. Over the past few weeks, we’ve started to see some notable movements in this area which is great to see. Moto Hospitality has recently submitted planning permission for ...

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    Long and winding road to net zero


    Various discussions over the past few weeks have got us pondering whether we should be concerned with the rate of progress the industry is making on its transition to the net zero nirvana. There is a huge amount of investment going into developing new trucks ...

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    How can we counter the resistance to Net Zero?


    This week’s commentary is penned by Jamie Sands, Group Operational Support and Systems Manager at Welch’s Transport, raising concerns about the industry’s apparent ambivalence to the climate crisis. 

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    Zero Emmision Road Freight Demonstration (ZERFD) programme a big opportunity for industry

    2023-10-24T09:49:00Z Rpt Renault Trucks

    In the week the UK Government announced the £200m funding for the zero emission truck and infrastructure demonstrations, Andy Salter cast his eye over the plans

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    One year on and the journey has only just begun


    This week we’re celebrating the first birthday of Freight Carbon Zero and we thought we’d focus the commentary to reflect on the past 12 months and take a peek at what’s in store for the year ahead. Even though there has been significant progress with decarbonising the industry on many ...

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    Decarbonisation Upskilling – Such a long way to go…


    Chris Douglas who has spent the past 25 years working across numerous road freight roles in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, this week shares his observations from a recent Zoom training session… ‘Welcome to the road transport industry. We’re a band of brothers, us HGV drivers, I mean, not ...

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    Redrawing the truck brand differentiation battleground


    For this week’s commentary, Darren Newman has been musing on how brands will differentiate themselves in a carbon zero world where energy tariffs are more important than miles per gallon… In an industry with high costs and low margins, maintaining competitiveness has always been a tight focus for transport operators, ...

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    Truck Fleet Decarbonisation – What a journey…


    This week Chris Douglas from Polaris Consultancy, who has spent the past 25 years working in road freight across operations, policy creation and consultancy roles in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia, shares his views on the journey facing us all to a carbon zero future. I can’t help but ...

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    Battery swaps – the great leap forward?

    2023-09-12T13:44:00Z Rpt FUSO Truck and Bus Corporation

    If you’ve been following the debate around how to decarbonise our heaviest vehicles, you’ll be aware that it’s essentially been a three-horse race. Out in front are battery trucks, with megawatt chargers soon to give them a boost. Close behind are hydrogen fuel cell trucks, accompanied by all the heated ...

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    We’re all energy companies now...

    2023-09-07T13:35:00Z Rpt Renault Trucks

    Fixed, tracker or variable? No, we’re not talking mortgages, this week we’re on energy tariffs. We’ve been editing the latest edition of our Summer podcast series this week (OK, we’re being a bit liberal with the use of summer…) and it’s triggered some thinking around the topic and how fleet ...

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    Survival of the fittest


    Tevva’s decision to merge its operations with little-known US company ElectraMeccanica has underlined the challenges the new start-up manufacturers face as they seek to gain a foothold in the ultra-competitive global truck market. 

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    Mind the gap - make sure nobody gets left behind


    We joined another call last week with some worried fleet buyers, grappling with the demands from their boards, and their customers, for progress on the road to carbon zero. They’d all done their initial homework, had started their investigations and were in the early stages of business modelling and they’d ...

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    If you think car electrification is tough – try decarbonising lorries and coaches


    For this week’s newsletter commentary, we passed the keyboard over to the RHA’s managing director Richard Smith to give us the association’s views on the decarbonisation debate. The RHA fully supports net-zero targets but there is a clear and present danger that without proper planning and transition the economy, which ...

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    Breakthrough needed for carbon zero acceleration


    In recent years, we have seen increased discussion in both industry and government circles about what the dominant net-zero solution will be for heavy goods vehicles: battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell electric. Another possibility is it will be a homogenous mix of these technologies, however experience suggests that this ...

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    The world of carbon zero trucks


    This week we are launching our Carbon Zero Vehicle Index, a database covering all the zero emission vehicles either coming soon or currently available on the market. It’s an impressive listing with nearly 100 different vehicle models in the dataset, although with many vehicles in small series production and some ...

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    Could this be a new approach to EV adoption?


    This week we have asked Benoit Laflamme, a senior business leader focused on the energy transition of transport, to share a relatively simple solution to removing an EV adoption blocker. The transport sector is facing a massive amount of change in the coming years, we all acknowledge that. In order ...

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    Time for a rethink on weights and dimensions for carbon zero

    2023-07-05T08:25:00Z Rpt SANY

    If you joined us at Road Transport Expo for the Thursday conference sessions, you’ll know we had a great day of discussion and presentations on the topic of decarbonisation. During the course of the day we asked participants to help us to create a word cloud, answering the question: “What ...

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    Hydrogen - coming in from the cold


    We’ve had plenty of input from the battery electric advocates of late, so for this week’s commentary we have turned to Tim Harper, CEO of Element 2, for his input. I recently attended th FT’s Hydrogen Summit, a global gathering from 47 countries, with more than 700 registered ...