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    A postcard from India…


    For this week’s commentary, we turn our attention to developments in India and have handed the pen to Ramesh Kumar for the first in a series of articles. In this commentary he’s kicking off with an overview of the legislative framework for decarbonisation currently being discussed. Not ...

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    Less carbon, more neon


    For this week’s newsletter commentary, we returned to former Commercial Motor Editor Brian Weatherley, for his thoughts around truck charging.

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    Daring to begin…


    Taking the first step on the road to decarbonisation is something which we know causes a lot of angst amongst commercial vehicle operators, large or small. The decisions to be made; should you opt for battery electric or Hydrogen, understanding the issues around infrastructure and new fuelling regimes, plus all ...

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    Spare a thought for the “little ‘uns”


    Former Commercial Motor Editor, Brian Weatherley, takes the pen for this week’s commentary, sharing his observations on the journey to Net Zero for the small fleets. Looking for insights into the O-Licence landscape? Then Logistics UK’s regular analysis of the data within the annual Report of the Traffic Commissioners is ...

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    Stuck in the TCO trap


    Last week was a hectic week for the Freight Carbon Zero editorial team. We started the week with the first of our Freight Carbon Zero Think Tanks, hosted in partnership with our friends at the BVRLA, before heading to Amsterdam for the Smart Freight Centre’s Smart Freight ...

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    Let’s cut the red tape on longer semi-trailers


    This week we welcome back Stephen Fitter to share his views about longer semi-trailers and the carbon savings going begging due to the bureaucracy associated with the approval process.

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    EU CO2 Standards for Heavy Duty Vehicles


    This week we welcome back regular commentator Darren Newman to give us his take on new CO2 regulations making their way through the EU legislative process. New EU CO2 standards on the way Last week European MPs cast their votes to usher in the much-debated CO2 targets ...

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    Why you shouldn’t ignore sustainable logistics in 2024


    For this week’s commentary we’ve turned to an operator at the front line of the UK road freight logistics supply chain, Fagan & Whalley, for its insights into why a focus on sustainable logistics is driving its service development. Source: Fagan & Whalley The phrase on ...

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    Net zero targets are for life, not just a corporate statement...


    If evidence were needed that a net zero claim is for life and not just the corporate strategy document, then the news that the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) has de-listed more than 200 companies from its Business Ambition for 1.5degC campaign is it. With impending European legislation set to ...

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    A view from America


    A view from America The US is clearly leading the charge to net zero through a combination of state and federal incentives and more stringent regulations. Tim Campbell from Campbells Consultancy recently visited the “Work Truck Show” in Indianapolis and sent us this round-up ...

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    The challenge of including load factors into carbon reporting


    Building load factors into a fleet’s carbon reporting is essential if the report is to properly measure carbon reduction progress. But as Stephen Fitter, from Focus Net Zero explains, calculating it is not without complication… 

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    Examining the low carbon energy hierarchy of needs


    As regular readers will know, we’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster over recent weeks on the thorny subject of renewable fuels. Zemo’s lifecycle analysis report in January highlighted some significant greenhouse gas emission reductions on its per litre comparisons with diesel and since then, the ...

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    We can’t do this alone


    Positive news for the commercial vehicle industry this week with the new truck registration figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) showing the total market for all trucks above 6t GVW was up 13.5% on 2022. With total volumes now well over 45,000 ...

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    Decarbonisation beyond the truck


    For this week’s newsletter we’ve given the mic to Dan Benhamou, Senior Vice President at Brookfield to widen the decarbonisation lens beyond the truck. While greening vehicles is an important part of the shift to net zero, freight and logistics leaders should also be considering their broader ...

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    When zero means zero..?


    For this week’s Newsletter we’ve asked transport decarbonisation specialist Alexander Lewis-Jones, founder of Other Way, to give us his perspective on the latest brouhaha around zero emission vehicle claims. The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) caused a stir last week by upholding a complaint against BMW for advertising a fully electric ...

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    Let’s talk about truck stops…


    Special thanks to Chris Bird, from CJ Bird Transport for giving us the spark for this week’s commentary. He left a comment on one of our web articles last week. The story was about a Chinese truck start up Windrose completing a set of long-range trials with ...

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    Delivering a partnership for the future


    As witnessed in last week’s newsletter, the Zemo Partnership has delivered some great inputs into the decarbonisation arena, both in the days of the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LCVP) and since the re-brand to Zemo. Our comments, last week, on the life cycle analysis across a range of low and ...

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    New Zemo life cycle report cautions against rush to zero


    This article first appeared in our weekly Freight Carbon Zero newsletter - if you haven’t signed up to receive it, please register now 

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    The opportunities for artificial intelligence in road freight transport


    For this week’s commentary, we’ve handed the pen to regular contributor Darren Newman, for his thoughts on the great leap forward Artificial Intelligence (AI) could facilitate in the road freight sector. Source: Shutterstock While Telematics systems are nothing new and are not directly linked to decarbonisation, ...

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    Scoping out the future


    We’ve spent a bit of time over the past few weeks scratching away at the topic of non-financial reporting. We’ve been asked to speak at a couple of conferences and deliver a short “introduction to decarbonisation” training course for an organisation and figured we needed to know ...