The Irish Government has launched a new grant scheme to promote the sale of zero emission trucks, allowing buyers to offset the price increase of switching from diesel.  


Irish truck buyers can now claim grants to offset the price difference between diesel and zero emission trucks

A new Zero Emission Heavy Duty Vehicle Purchase Grant Scheme has been implemented in Ireland, taking effect from 12 February 2024 for all vehicles ordered after that date. The new scheme, administered by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), has been launched to assist companies and enterprises who wish to buy zero-emission heavy duty vehicles (ZEHDV) instead of buying the diesel equivalent. Grant amounts are calculated as a percentage of the difference in price between an ZEHDV and its diesel equivalent. 

Grant levels awarded to the applicants depend on: The power-train or fuel-type of the vehicle that the applicant intends to buy; the size of the enterprise or company applying for the grant; and whether applicants have already received grants under the scheme. The scheme is open to battery electric, hydrogen fuel cell and plug-in hydrbid purchases and different grant levels apply depending on the size of the applying company. The total amount on offer to any company is €500,000. The price differential is calculated as the different between the published benchmark price list depending on the vehicle class and the invoice price of the zero emission vehicle.

Size of undertaking Maximum grant availableMaximum per vehicle
Small €500,000 60% of price difference
Medium €500,000 50% of price difference 
Large €500,000 30% of price difference