According to Reuters, Chinese electric heavy truck start-up Windrose is hatching plans to outsource manufacturing of its heavy duty trucks to automaking partners in Europe.

Windrose Technology has indicated it is considering plans to start manufacturing trucks in Europe, according to its CEO Wen Han. Windrose outsources its Chinese truck production to Anhui Jianghuai Automotive Group and he is reported to have said said the company is in talks with several European countries over investments in the company and expects to announce a deal by the end of March.


Windrose EV Truck Testing

The company was founded by Stanford University graduate Wen Han, who formerly served as Chief Strategy and Financial Officer at leading autonomous trucking company Plus, and has recently published details of durability trials with sports goods retailer Decathlon in China. In the Reuters article Han said Windrose would start testing its electric trucks with Decathalon in the port of Dunkirk, France this June. 


Windrose CEO WenHan

Windrose is the latest Chinese truck builder to start making European plans, BYD has established a presence in the Netherlands and SANY has already started delivering trucks in the UK.