Mercedes-Benz Trucks has announced that it will unveil the series version of its previous eActros LongHaul truck on October 10, 2023.


eActros 600

The new iteration, known as the eActros 600, will debut with a fresh design and mark an exciting world premiere for the company. The name “eActros 600” refers to its battery capacity of 600kWh, distinguishing it from the eActros 300/400 models designed for distribution haulage.

One of the standout features of the eActros 600 is its impressive range of approximately 500 kilometers on a single charge, without the need for intermediate charging. This extended range is made possible by the truck’s high battery capacity and a newly developed, electric drive axle created in-house. The eActros 600 boasts low energy consumption, making it the most cost-effective long-haul truck in Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ lineup when compared to the conventional diesel Actros. The manufacturer expects the e-truck to play a significant role in driving the widespread adoption of CO2-neutral transportation.

The eActros 600 has come a long way since its initial appearance as a concept prototype at the IAA Transportation 2022. Mercedes-Benz Trucks has built several test vehicles at its Wörth plant, utilising key components from plants in Mannheim, Kassel, and Gaggenau. These prototypes have undergone rigorous testing, including winter trials in Finland. Currently, the company is constructing a fleet of approximately 50 prototype vehicles that will undergo practical testing with selected customers. Simultaneously, the four plants involved in the project are gearing up for series production, which is scheduled to begin in 2024.

“The eActros 600, produced in Wörth, is able to replace the majority of diesel trucks in the important long-haul segment, as it sets new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness for our customers. It also offers huge potential for reducing CO2 emissions. I am convinced that this truck will define the new benchmark in road freight transport.” said Karin Rådström, CEO Mercedes-Benz Trucks.


Karin Rådström

“With the eActros 600, the focus of production at our Mercedes-Benz Powersystems plants in Mannheim, Kassel and Gaggenau is shifting more and more to e-mobility. We therefore started to make preparations at an early stage by setting up a production and technology network of competence centers for electric drive components and are already in the midst of preparing for series production of the new generation of our power units.” added Yaris Pürsün, Head of Global Powersystems Operation Daimler Truck.

The eActros 600 will be assembled on the existing production line at the Wörth plant, alongside diesel-powered trucks. The installation of electric drive components, including the e-axle, high-voltage batteries, and front box, takes place during various production stages. A dedicated production start-up team collaborates closely with developers to incorporate insights from the prototype construction phase into the vehicle’s ongoing development. The prototype vehicles are built as closely to series production as possible, ensuring a seamless transition to mass production.

The interior has also been upgraded to enhance the driver’s experience. Three battery packs with a combined capacity of over 600 kWh power the eActros 600, while two electric motors integrated into the new e-axle provide a continuous output of 400kW and a peak output exceeding 600kW or 815hp. In addition to the tractor unit, Mercedes-Benz Trucks will offer rigid variants of the eActros 600, providing customers with a range of fully electric transport options.

The eActros 600 utilises lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) cell technology for its batteries, known for their long service life and increased usable energy. The company aims for the production model’s batteries to be capable of charging from 20 to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes at charging stations with approximately one megawatt output.