DSV, a logistics company located in Weilerswist near Bonn, has incorporated three Mercedes-Benz eActros vehicles into its distribution operations.

These electric trucks, equipped with dry freight bodies, are utilized for supplying 15 branches of the “dm” drugstore company within the Bonn city area. At the end of each day, the trucks’ batteries are charged at the DSV depot.


Source: Mercedes-Benz Press Release

“DSV is a global transport and logistics company and Mercedes-Benz Trucks is a long-standing mobility partner. We are very pleased that DSV is also relying on a vehicle from our company in its deployment of alternative drives and that we are moving towards an emission-free future together.” said, Ronald Ott, Head of Sales Mercedes-Benz Trucks Germany & FUSO, Daimler Truck AG.

Peter Fog-Petersen, Executive Vice President, DSV Road DACH  communicated, “This innovative fleet expansion is another step towards responsible and sustainable logistics supply chains. This is a task that we are consistently pursuing as a company and with our long-standing partner dm. In Bonn, we are using the largest cohesive eActros fleet for deliveries to branches.”

“With environmentally friendly deliveries to our dm markets in Bonn using three eActros trucks, we are strengthening our commitment to forward-looking and sustainable transport logistics at dm. Together with our partner DSV, we have set ourselves the goal of supplying our branch network in the Bonn city area, from the Weilerswist distribution center to our dm markets, completely emission-free,” says Christian Bodi, Managing Director responsible for logistics at dm.