Mercedes-Benz Trucks is gearing up to launch its latest electric truck, the eActros 300, in autumn 2023. To ensure the vehicle is ready for the market, engineers put a near-series prototype to the test with a 3,000km journey from the Arctic Circle to Stuttgart in March. 


The journey served as an opportunity to evaluate the vehicle’s energy efficiency, charging capabilities, driving comfort, and safety in various topographical and climatic conditions.

Before the journey, the eActros 300 was tested extensively in Rovaniemi, Finland, under winter conditions, where temperatures dropped to minus 25degC. The test team focused on the vehicle’s starting properties and protection of its drive components, software, and interfaces from low temperatures. The team also put the vehicle’s handling on icy and snowy roads to the test.

The vehicle’s three battery packages, each with 112kWh of installed battery capacity, enabled a range of up to 220km without opportunity charging. To ensure the vehicle’s range, the team planned individual stages conservatively with around 150km to drive to the planned charging points without any problems, even in traffic jams or stop-and-go traffic.

According to Marc Schniederjan, team leader at Mercedes-Benz Trucks responsible for the test vehicles, the eActros 300 provided relaxed driving without noticeable interruptions to gearshifts or traction. The electric motors provide the same high torque throughout the entire rpm range, and the powerful acceleration is noticeable in every traffic situation. The noise level in the cab remained at a comfortable level at all times, even at icy temperatures.

The eActros 300’s driver assistance systems and second-generation MirrorCam proved their worth on the journey. The vehicle was also able to cope with various weather conditions, including snow, cold, and storms. On average, the teams took a charging break in the two vehicles three times a day. The charging worked without any problems at the available public DC high-power charging stations.

Dr. Christof Weber, Head of Global Testing at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, stated that the eActros 300 reliably masters all challenges and will be ready for market launch in autumn this year. The eActros 300 is specially designed for flexible use in heavy-duty distribution haulage and celebrated its trade fair premiere at IAA Transportation 2022 in Hanover.