Motiv Power Systems, a seasoned player with 14 years of experience in the electric truck industry, has unveiled Argo - an innovative medium-duty Class 4-6 electric truck, specially designed for battery electric operations. 


The unveiling of Argo comes amid a surge in the electric truck sector fueled by California’s newly-adopted regulations mandating the swift electrification of commercial fleets. These regulations are mandating the deployment of approximately 20,000 medium-duty electric trucks by the end of 2024.

Motiv is poised to seize this opportunity, with aspirations to commence Argo’s production by Q4 2024 and is predicting sale volumes of up to 1000 units. Motiv has already deployed 180 vehicles in the field, primarily serving clients such as Cintas, Bimbo Bakeries, and Purolator.

A number of design innovations have been incorporated into the vehicle including the seating position, the location of the battery to the front of the chassis, thereby reducing the weight on the rear axle. Learning from step van design principles, Argo’s design integrates stairs instead of a ladder for convenient entry and exit. At the core of Argo lies Motiv’s next-generation platform, unveiled earlier in April. This platform harnesses the potential of lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries, and promises a range of 150 miles with its base 158kWh battery configuration, even when fully loaded to its maximum 26,000lb (11,800kg) gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Additionally, an extended three-module 237kWh battery option is available, enabling a range exceeding 200 miles.

The powertrain, developed in collaboration with Nidec, is capable of generating up to 1,770lb-ft (2400Nm) of torque. This places Argo at par with Class 8 diesel trucks in terms of torque, offering exceptional performance within the confines of a Class 4-6 package.

Argo’s charging infrastructure utilises a 400-volt DC charging system with a capacity of 65kW. In a strategic divergence from some competitors, who opt for higher 800-volt systems, Motiv’s choice of lower voltage enhances compatibility with existing DC chargers in the light-duty sector, streamlining the charging process. For AC charging, a 19.2kW onboard charger is integrated. While the connector type is yet to be finalised, Motiv remains adaptable to the evolving landscape of charging standards.

Argo is available for pre-order, although prototypes are scheduled to be unveiled in early 2024, followed by vehicle deliveries later in the same year.