In a move aimed at bolstering the German electric truck charging landscape, ADS-TEC Energy, a provider of battery-assisted fast charging technology, has formed a strategic partnership with Eliso, a charging solution provider. This collaboration holds significant promise for advancing the accessibility and reliability of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, particularly tailored for commercial electric trucks.

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Eliso is planning to deploy the battery-supported fast chargers, developed by ADS-TEC Energy, at various branches of Euronics Deutschland, an electronics retail chain. The two companies, Eliso and Euronics, had previously entered into a strategic partnership in April 2023, though at the time the charging system supplier was not disclosed. As part of this agreement, several hundred storage-based rapid charging systems from Eliso will initially be installed and operated. This ambitious plan aims to establish over 1,000 such charging points by 2025. 

The forthcoming charging points, equipped with ADS-TEC Energy’s technology, are expected to be installed by Eliso throughout this year. ADS-TEC Energy’s contribution encompasses both the ChargePost and ChargeBox platforms, alongside long-term service provisions. The ChargeBox distinguishes itself as a structural separation of the battery unit and the actual charging station, allowing for indoor charging station placement while the backup battery is located outdoors. This configuration is complemented by the HPC charger developed by Porsche Engineering, known for its sleek design.

On the other hand, the ChargePost represents an integrated solution where the battery, charging points, and advertising displays are enclosed in a single housing. The charging capacity can reach up to 320kW, with just one CEE connection required on the mains side. Significantly, these battery charging solutions can be integrated into the site’s energy management system, facilitating real-time balancing of electricity supply and demand from renewable sources.

Eliso, a Stuttgart-based specialist in charging infrastructure, has been actively expanding its high-power charging (HPC) range. Previously, it partnered with Alpitronic, the manufacturer of the Hypercharger, to further these efforts. However, for its collaboration with Euronics, Eliso opted for the battery-supported fast chargers from ADS-TEC Energy.