eMotion Fleet and Dynamon, based in the UK, have forged a sales partnership agreement to introduce Dynamon’s fleet optimisation software, ‘ZERO,’ to the Japanese market. The collaboration aims to facilitate the electrification of fleet operations in Japan by offering advanced software solutions.


Under the partnership, eMotion Fleet will leverage Dynamon’s ZERO software to expedite and standardise the fleet electrification simulation process. This includes tasks such as determining optimal EV and battery sizes based on operational patterns, identifying appropriate charging infrastructure requirements, and conducting comparative analyses of total ownership costs between electric and diesel fleets. The primary beneficiaries of this collaboration are expected to be fleet operators, charging infrastructure providers, fleet leasing companies, and consulting firms.

“It is our mission to bring advanced data analytics software tools, powered by simulation, to the transportation industry. This is increasingly important as the shift to electric vehicles requires robust data analysis by fleets and suppliers to ensure cost effective solutions. Dynamon’s flagship tool, ZERO, simplifies the complex process of transitioning to electric vehicles, making it accessible and profitable for fleets of all sizes. We’re excited to announce our partnership with eMotion Fleet in Japan, which not only expands our global footprint but also advances our shared mission of promoting sustainable solutions in the commercial transport industry,” said Angus Webb, CEO of Dynamon.

“Fleet electrification can be a highly complex equation among vehicles, batteries, charging, energy and driving patterns. Therefore, eMotion Fleet has been developing a standard methodology for fleet electrification based on founders’ hands-on experience of electrifying more than 23,000 units in Europe and Japan. Dynamon’s ZERO will be powerful tool to standardize, digitize and accelerate the electrification process, thereby providing speed and quality in customer’s decision-making,” continued Shuji Shiraki, CEO of eMotion Fleet.