Sligro Food Group aims to replace diesel trucks with battery electric vehicles, starting with an investment in 26 electric trucks, with plans for 25 more.


Source: Heliox

“Our ambition is to replace as many diesel trucks as possible, not only in Amsterdam but throughout the Netherlands,” says Mark Stabel, Technical Buyer at Sligro Food Group.

Transitioning to electric vehicles involves more than just acquiring new trucks; it requires the development of robust Charging infrastructure. Sligro began implementing charging infrastructure in 2023, utilising overnight and opportunity charging methods to keep its fleet operational throughout the day. Overnight charging, conducted during off-peak periods at depots, offers a cost-effective solution due to vehicles being parked for extended periods. Opportunity charging, on the other hand, involves rapid recharging during short breaks, maximising uptime and flexibility.

Sligro employs the Heliox Flex charging system, strategically managing charging schedules to align with operational needs. By focusing on achieving optimal states of charge for each vehicle and route, Sligro ensures readiness for delivery routes without fixating on achieving a full charge daily. Mark Stabel highlights the importance of driver behaviour in maximising the range of electric vehicles. Smoother driving habits contribute to greater efficiency and extended battery range, he explains.