Mercedes-Benz Trucks has started customer testing of its first battery-electric eActros 600 trucks, with Contargo and Remondis being the initial participants. Contargo, a container logistics company, will use the e-truck for transporting containers between Wörth am Rhein port and various destinations, aiming for over 800 kilometers per day. Remondis, a recycling specialist, will incorporate the e-truck into the HoLa project in Cologne, focused on developing charging infrastructure for long-distance electric transport.


Source: Daimler

These tests mark an important step in the practical application of electric trucks, allowing for real-world feedback before full-scale production. Both companies express enthusiasm for the opportunity, emphasising their commitment to sustainability and the integration of electric vehicles into their operations.

The eActros 600 boasts a high battery capacity of over 600kWh and an efficient electric drive axle, facilitating a range of 500 kilometers without intermediate Charging. This range enables the truck to cover significant distances in a single day, with plans for future compatibility with megawatt charging. Additionally, its design prioritises aerodynamics and efficiency.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks intends to commence series production by the end of 2024, offering both tractor units and rigid variants of the eActros 600. The company aims to provide a comprehensive solution for electric long-distance transport, encompassing vehicle technology, charging infrastructure, and support services.

Contargo, with an extensive container logistics network in Europe, and Remondis, a global leader in recycling and environmental services, bring diverse perspectives to the testing phase. Their involvement underscores the growing interest in sustainable transportation solutions within the industry.

Remondis’s collaboration with Kögel Trailer GmbH further highlights the focus on sustainability, with both companies emphasising the importance of environmentally friendly transport solutions. As the testing phase progresses, Mercedes-Benz Trucks plans to expand the programme to include various customer applications, reflecting the versatility of electric trucks in different operational contexts. This iterative approach aims to refine the technology and address any challenges before widespread adoption.