The Department for Transport (DfT) in collaboration with industry stakeholders, has launched a research programme to address existing market barriers impeding the wider adoption of higher blend biofuels, such as B20 and HVO, in truck fleets. 


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The DfT is actively seeking input from HGV fleet operators and industry professionals to better understand the challenges hindering the broader uptake of higher biocontent fuels. By completing a short survey, participants can provide valuable insights into these market barriers and suggest potential interventions to overcome them. This feedback is crucial for developing realistic strategies to incentivise the use of higher biocontent fuels as an interim decarbonisation solution, particularly as batter electric and hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) trucks remain in their infancy.

The survey aims to gather perspectives from those directly involved in procuring and operating HGV fleets, as their input is vital for shaping effective policies and interventions. Participation in the survey will help inform future decision-making processes regarding alternative HGV fuelling options.

Interested parties are encouraged to complete the survey. The deadline for participation is 03 May, 2024.

Your contribution to this research effort is greatly appreciated and will play a significant role in advancing the deployment of sustainable fuel solutions in the UK’s transport sector.