Proton Motor Fuel Cell inaugurates new fuel cell production facility in Fuerstenfeldbruck, highlighting the company’s commitment to addressing climate and energy challenges through hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. 


Proton Motor Fuel Cell marked its 25th anniversary by inaugurating a state-of-the-art fuel cell production facility spanning 13,500 square meters. Situated in Fuerstenfeldbruck within the Munich metropolitan region, this new plant complements their existing 6,000-square-meter headquarters in Puchheim, located approximately 12 kilometers away. The Puchheim site will now serve as a development center focused on fuel cell stacks and hydrogen fuel cell engines.

Faiz Nahab, the Chief Executive Officer of Proton Motor, expressed his pride in the team’s efforts to enhance production capacity at the new facility. He emphasised the significance of Proton Motor’s 25th anniversary and its contribution to advancing hydrogen and related technologies like fuel cells in the context of bolstering energy security and combating climate change.

In recognition of the pivotal role that hydrogen and fuel cells are expected to play in mitigating the climate and energy crisis, Proton Motor Fuel Cell has outlined a strategic roadmap. This roadmap entails an annual escalation in production capacity at the new site, with a goal to manufacture 5,000 hydrogen fuel cell engines annually and, eventually, to reach an output of 30,000 fuel cell stacks. These ambitions entail cost-intensive investments, alongside organic employee growth.