Stellantis has opened a Battery Technology Center in Turin, Italy, with a focus on in-house testing and development of EV battery packs for upcoming Stellantis brand products. The facility boasts advanced testing capabilities and underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility solutions.


The Mirafiori Battery Technology Center, covering an area of 8,000 square meters across three levels, houses various essential facilities. Over 100 employees, many of whom are upskilled Stellantis workers, are responsible for conducting climatic stress tests, lifespan durability testing, battery management system (BMS) software development and calibration, as well as the analysis and benchmarking of battery packs and cells.

Mirafiori-Battery-Technology-Center-03 (1)

Key features of the center include 32 climatic test chambers, consisting of 24 walk-in chambers for testing battery packs and eight chambers for testing individual cells. These chambers can precisely control humidity and temperature, ranging from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius (-40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) and can change by up to 20 degrees per minute. Notably, the center has the capacity to test up to 47 battery packs simultaneously.

Ned Curic, Stellantis Chief Engineering and Technology Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to providing smart and sustainable mobility solutions. He stated, “Our new Battery Technology Center at Mirafiori brings together the tools and talented people we need to design, test, verify, and produce class-leading products that will meet our customers’ needs and accelerate bringing class-leading electric vehicles to customers around the world.”

In addition to this European facility, Stellantis is also in the process of constructing a Battery Technology Center in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, for the North American market.