Online grocery and milk delivery company Milk & More has achieved significant cost savings of £2 million annually by making a transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and implementing Geotab solutions.


Milk & More initiated the shift from diesel vehicles to German-made EVs, specifically the Street Scooters, and also incorporated a fleet of LDV (Maxus) EV80 vans into its operations. This transition resulted in the deployment of 500 EVs in total.

The vehicles have been equipped with the Geotab GO telematics device. Collaborating with Geotab partner LEVL Telematics, this solution provides real-time telematics data and facilitates the monitoring of driver behavior, energy consumption, as well as the economic and environmental impacts associated with the adoption of EVs across their fleet.

This transition to EVs has also contributed to a reduction in diesel consumption by 1.8 million liters and a decrease in CO2 emissions by 4,920 tonnes. These achievements were made possible through the utilisation of telematics technology powered by Geotab, allowing the company to accurately measure and track its environmental and economic progress.

“Geotab’s fleet management solution consolidates data from our diverse vehicle fleet, providing invaluable insights for our business. Prior to using telematics, we had little or no knowledge of our fleet or its performance. Now, we have access to every piece of data on fleet management, performance, driver behaviour and environmental impacts. The improvements have been nothing less than staggering.”, said Andy Sandison, head of fleet for Milk & More.

David Savage, vice president, Geotab, UK & Ireland, added: “Milk and More is a powerful example of how intelligent data can build powerful insights into a fleet’s performance. It is also the building block to a zero carbon future. Milk and More is an example of how near real-time data can lay the groundwork for fundamental change in fleet performance and a reduced environmental impact.”