Plug Power has unveiled its latest development: the integration of a Class 6 medium-duty fuel cell electric truck. This vehicle combines a commercial Class 6 chassis-cab with Plug’s advanced ProGen fuel cell technology and a well-established electric propulsion system


Source: Plug

Designed for middle-mile deliveries, the truck boasts an impressive range of up to 500 miles, which surpasses many battery electric vehicles. This extended range enhances operational efficiency and reduces downtime for recharging, leading to time and resource savings. In addition to its range, the vehicle is optimised for payload capacity crucial for middle-mile deliveries and does not require a commercial driver’s license (CDL) for operation, making it a more accessible solution.

“Plug continues to advance hydrogen fuel cell solutions for electric vehicle platforms. Our ProGen engine, with years of operational experience, offers significant benefits for middle-mile delivery—range, rapid fueling, cargo volume optimization, and higher power densities.”Andy Marsh, CEO of Plug Power.

The truck is currently in its final integration and testing phase, with on-road operational pilots expected to begin this summer in collaboration with key logistics customers. This phase will gather real-world data and feedback to further optimize the truck for commercial use.

Fuel Cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) use Hydrogen for power, offering higher efficiency compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Plug’s ProGen technology produces no harmful tailpipe emissions, releasing only water vapor and warm air.