Kemppower’s attainment of certification for its US production site marks a significant stride for the Finnish company, setting the stage for the mass production of charging stations while at the same time it has instigated a new research centre in Finland. 


Source: Kempower

Kemppower, has received certification from Intertek Testing Laboratories,enabling the start of production at its new manufacturing facility in Durham County, North Carolina, USA. Simultaneously, the company has initiated operations at its new research centre in Finland.

The certification from “Electrical Testing Laboratories” authorises Kemppower to produce and distribute Charging stations in its US facility. In February, the company announced its plans to manufacture NEVI-compliant (National EV Infrastructure) fast chargers designed for electric cars, electric trucks, electric buses, and electric machinery for the US market.

Being “ETL listed” indicates Kemppower’s charging stations have been rigorously tested and are in compliance with recognised national standards.

In its home country, Finland, Kemppower has initiated operations at its Electric Mobility Research Center (EMRC), located at the LUT University campus in Lahti. This research facility will focus on product development and play a vital role in supporting Kemppower’s growth strategy.