Einride has inaugurated its Smartcharger Station in Rosersberg, Sweden, in collaboration with infrastructure developer Polar Structure. The station marks a crucial step in Einride’s mission to deploy sustainable charging infrastructure for heavy-duty freight on a global scale, focusing on enhancing the driver experience and utilising locally sourced materials for a sustainable future.


Source: Einride

Einride, is the latest business to unvile a truck charging centre, taking the wraps off a Smartcharger Station in Rosersberg, Sweden. Developed in collaboration with infrastructure developer and investor Polar Structure, this marks the start of Einride’s global deployment of charging infrastructure for heavy-duty freight.

“This Smartcharger Station opening is an important part of the transformation programme we offer customers to enable a quick, easy and cost-effective switch to digital, electric heavy-duty road freight,” said Robert Falck, CEO, and Founder of Einride. ”We are proud to make this investment together with Polar Structure, to ensure a strong network of charging infrastructure is in place for our fleets as well as the public.”

The Einride Smartcharger Station places a strong focus on enhancing the driver experience while prioritising sustainable design choices. Equipped with nine charging points at launch, featuring dynamic charging capacity, the station accommodates the simultaneous charging of eight trucks. The charging area is segmented into “Charge & Go” for fast charging and “Charge & Park” for overnight charging, providing flexibility for drivers. Interactive lighting guides drivers to available chargers and conveys vehicle charging status.

In addition to charging facilities, the station offers a driver’s lounge with amenities such as restrooms, showers, and a pantry. This space allows drivers to stay informed about their charge status, remaining time, power output, and performance through screens inside the lounge or on a dedicated smartphone app.

Initially relying on wind power, the station plans to shift to hydropower in the coming months. Integration with the Einride Saga platform is set to advance over the operational months, facilitating more advanced energy predictions and promoting efficient, sustainable power consumption.

The rollout of additional Smartcharger Stations is already underway. Stations in Borås, Markaryd, and Ljungby are operational, with a full-scale Smartcharger Station scheduled to open in Varberg in 2024. The Varberg station will play a crucial role in supporting the Nordic Link grid, connecting the Nordics with the European mainland.

Beyond Sweden, Einride has plans for the first Smartcharger Station in the US, set to open in Los Angeles, equipped with 65 charging points capable of serving up to 200 vehicles daily. Funding for the development of Einride Smartcharger Stations is supported by Klimatklivet and NextGenerationEU.