Volvo Trucks has introduced a series of upgrades to its electric models, the Volvo FL and FE. With enhanced charging capabilities, extended range, and new safety features, these medium-duty trucks cater to the evolving demands of sustainable urban logistics.

Volvo FL- and FE

Source: Volvo

Volvo Trucks has unveiled updated versions of its medium-duty electric trucks, the Volvo FL and FE. Designed for zero-emission urban transport, these trucks now boast an electric range of up to 450km, a 50% reduction in charging time, and enhanced safety features. The increased AC charging capacity of the battery-electric medium-duty trucks, now at 43 kW, significantly reduces charging time, making them more efficient for daily operations.

“Volvo Trucks has a market-leading offer of electric trucks – and we are constantly improving them to enable more businesses to take the step to zero-emission vehicles for their daily operations,” says Jessica Sandström, Head of Product Management at Volvo Trucks. “The upgraded Volvo FL and FE models are ideal work tools for businesses with sustainability high up on their agendas, offering a wide range of applications for their customers.”

With the introduction of the new EU General Safety Regulations set to take effect from 2024, the updated Volvo FL and FE models include a number of new safety features ensuring the new models surpass the regulation.

Several feature updates have been introduced, including slimmer exterior mirrors for improved visibility, new LED lights in the interior, and a lockable storage space to enhance the working environment. Optional features include a 360˚ bird’s-eye view camera solution and/or a side view camera. The electric version introduces a new electric power take-off interface, simplifying body building and reducing weight.

A redesigned front end, distinct LED headlights, and an enhanced iron mark contribute to a new and appealing design. 

Orders for the new Volvo FL and FE models are open, with customer deliveries scheduled to commence in the first half of 2024.