Zepp.solutions secures grant funding from the European Just Transition Fund to establish an hydrogen fuel cell systems factory in Europe’s strategic transport hub.


Zepp.solutions, a Dutch company specialising in hydrogen fuel cell technology, has secured a grant of €1.98 million from the European Just Transition Fund (JTF) to establish a fuel cell systems factory. 

The factory will be located in the heart of Europe’s Greater-Rijnmond region, a pivotal transport hub. Zepp.solutions, in collaboration with the Ministries of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) and Social Affairs and Employment (SZW) and local municipalities in the Dutch Greater Rijnmond area, is poised to boost its leadership position in Europe’s burgeoning Hydrogen sector. 

“We are elated and deeply proud to receive this substantial grant from the Just Transition Fund. This marks a pivotal milestone in establishing a state-of-the-art production facility for our fuel cell systems. It paves the way for us to accelerate technology development, scale up production, and deploy these hydrogen systems at an unprecedented pace over the coming years,” remarked Jonas Brendelberger, co-founder of Zepp.solutions.

The factory’s primary focus will be the production of Zepp’s Y50 and X150 fully integrated hydrogen fuel cell modules.Notable applications include the Rotterdam Watertaxi, a Terberg yard tractor, construction excavators, and a 67-meter-long inland shipping vessel. The first two semi-trucks equipped with Zepp’s fuel cell systems are to hit the roads later this year.

Brendelberger emphasised the substantial environmental impact of Zepp’s technology, stating, “Each of our systems effectively replaces a polluting diesel engine, resulting in a reduction of between 111 and 332 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. Our fuel cell technology boasts an impressive power density, outperforming our closest competitor by a significant margin. This enhanced power density opens the door to integrating hydrogen technology into a broader spectrum of heavy-duty applications, maximizing its potential.”

The establishment of this factory will allow Zepp.solutions to scale up production to 1,000 systems annually, contributing to the creation of approximately 100  jobs in the hydrogen sector within the region.

A substantial portion of the fuel cell systems produced will find their place within Zepp.solutions’ recently unveiled Europa trucks. These vehicles, featuring sleeper cabs, ISO trailer compatibility, and an impressive range, are poised to make a substantial impact on sustainable transportation throughout Europe.