The UK government’s commitment to a nationwide network of hydrogen refuelling stations has taken a step forward with the announcement of an £8 million grant. British start-up Element 2 emerged as one of the winners of this development fund, paving the way for the opening of the first hydrogen refuelling station “early next year.”


Pictured, from left to right, are ULEMCo managing director Amanda Lyne; transport secretary Mark Harper; Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen; IVe chief executive Ram Gokal; and Element 2 chief executive Tim Harper

The UK government’s £8 million North-East hydrogen development fund has taken a significant step towards creating a network of hydrogen refuelling stations. British start-up Element 2 is one of the winners of the grant and will open the first hydrogen refuelling station “early next year.” Initially, four stations will be built and will be publicly available to drivers of all hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), with a focus on supermarket delivery trucks.

Element 2 plans to build the pumps in the north-east of England, specifically at Teesside International Airport, to support fellow funding winner Ulemco, which will develop hydrogen-powered airport vehicles. Further funding for additional stations has also been secured, and the company aims to identify and plan 30 more pump locations by the end of the year. Element 2 is collaborating with various forecourt operators and vehicle manufacturers in this endeavour. The focus of Element 2’s hydrogen will primarily be on trucks and buses.