In a presentation at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, Toytota’s Chief Technology Officer has confirmed the company’s commitment to commercial vehicle development, believing the lack of refuelling infrastructure presents less of an issue for trucks, compared to cars.

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Toyota is blaming the lack of availability of Hydrogen refueling stations, for the poor sales performance of its Mirai car, and has outlined how the scarcity of refueling infrastructure was less of an issue for commercial vehicles than for passenger cars, making hydrogen-powered trucks a more viable option for future road transport.These comments came from Toyota’s Chief Technology Officer, Hiroki Nakajima, during a presentation at the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo, signalling a shift in focus for the Japanese auto giant. Toyota is known to be working on improving fuel cell technology, with the goal of reducing costs, and recently announced a tie up with Paccar in the US. Nakajima revealed that the company is developing a more cost-effective fuel cell for commercial vehicles, which is expected to be 20% more efficient and 50% less expensive than the current technology.