Oilinvest and Quantron AG have united forces to establish HEMTRON, a joint venture aimed at accelerating the adoption of hydrogen-based infrastructure.

Quantron and Oilinvest

Source: Quantron AG

From left: David Pezzulli, (Managing Director of Mesientos), Herbert Robel (CHRO & Co-Founder Quantron AG), Ahmed Elkerrami (CEO Oilinvest Group), Andreas Haller (Founder & Executive Chairman Quantron AG), Michael Perschke (CEO Quantron AG), Timothy Sullivan (Business Liaison Officer at OBV)

Oilinvest and Quantron AG have formally solidified a strategic partnership aimed at establishing hydrogen-based refueling infrastructure to support Fuel Cell Electric heavy trucks (FCEV). This partnership has given rise to a new joint venture named HEMTRON, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, with the primary objective of expediting the decarbonisation of road freight across Europe.

Oilinvest, operating subsidiaries encompassing approximately 2,450 filling stations under the Tamoil brand across various European countries and the HEM brand in Germany has a large, existing network to facilitate the development of zero-emission fuel cell electric vehicles. Initially focused on Germany, HEMTRON aims to ensure a consistent growth and supply of Hydrogen refueling stations strategically placed near transportation hubs, such as logistics centres and trunk routes.

“We aim to provide our customers with a practical, commercially viable solution while reducing carbon emissions by introducing green hydrogen as a viable alternative to diesel for commercial road transport,” said Ahmed Elkerrami, Chief Executive Officer of Oilinvest Group. ”Our intention is to consolidate efforts that secure an increase in non-fossil fuel projects, supporting our commitment to becoming a net-zero company by 2050. We are open to welcoming additional partners to join this Hydrogen Fuelling Alliance.”

Michael Perschke, CEO of Quantron AG, highlighted the significance of green hydrogen as an essential energy carrier for the future, particularly in heavy-duty trucking. Leveraging Oilinvest’s expertise in fuel retailing and refueling station network, the partnership aims to establish a solid foundation for customers to transition from diesel to zero-emission FCEV vehicles, he said.