The initial order comprises 10 battery electric vehicles and three hydrogen fuel cell trucks with the first vehicles going into service in August 2023.


Nick Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer and President of Contract Services at J.B. Hunt, emphasised the importance of adopting new technologies and innovative solutions that can revolutionise freight transportation. “These zero-emission trucks from Nikola advance our progress towards achieving our ambitious goal to reduce carbon emission intensity through viable solutions,” he explained.

The initial order will consist of 10 battery-electric and three hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks. The first delivery of these vehicles is expected in August 2023, and they will be deployed strategically at facilities along J.B. Hunt’s key routes, including in the greater Los Angeles and Phoenix areas. To support the Hydrogen fuel cell trucks, Nikola’s hydrogen arm, HYLA, will provide the necessary hydrogen and fueling infrastructure.

J.B. Hunt’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact has been evident through various initiatives. In November 2022, the company set a goal to reduce carbon emission intensity by 32% by 2034, with a 2019 baseline. Incorporating alternative powered equipment, such as these zero-emission trucks, is one of the three key focus areas in achieving this goal.

Over the years, J.B. Hunt has continually explored opportunities to integrate emerging technologies into its fleet. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the company received its first company-owned Class 8 electric vehicle. Additionally, as early as 2017, J.B. Hunt was among the first companies to place an order for an all-electric heavy-duty Class 8 truck, and by 2023, it began incorporating electric vehicles into its operations.