ANGI Energy Systems and Nikola Corporation forge a revolutionary partnership for hydrogen fueling

ANGI Energy Systems, known as ANGI, is set to play a role in supporting Nikola’s endeavor to establish the largest North American open network of commercial hydrogen refueling stations. 

The linchpin of this mission will be ANGI’s hydrogen fueling dispensers, which will be deployed and commissioned throughout the United States under the banner of Nikola’s HYLA brand. These dispensers represent a technological leap, designed to provide high-flow refueling capabilities for heavy-duty vehicles.

Hydrogen fuel cell technology is garnering attention as the ideal propulsion system for numerous heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Experts cite its rapid refueling time, reduced weight, and superior energy efficiency as key advantages. Remarkably, most major global truck manufacturers are actively developing hydrogen fuel cell trucks, with the Hydrogen Council forecasting the assembly of over 130 Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) models in 2023, the majority of which are tailored for commercial use*.

Ryan McGeachie, Nikola’s Executive Leader of Energy, commented, “The commercial transportation landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, led by Nikola’s hydrogen-powered trucks, charting a course towards a sustainable future. Through our state-of-the-art technology and a robust hydrogen network, we are melding innovation with environmental responsibility, setting new benchmarks in the transportation sector.”

“This partnership with Nikola underscores ANGI’s extensive capabilities across the multi-energy spectrum in support of decarbonisation. As pioneers in alternative fuels, ANGI remains at the forefront of the ever-evolving energy landscape, delivering innovative, accessible, and safe solutions to meet our customers’ dynamic energy requirements in compressed natural gas, renewable natural gas, and now hydrogen.”, stated Joel van Rensburg, President of Alternative Fuels at ANGI.