Recent data from the AA’s ev Recharge Report indicates a significant increase in the average peak time cost for using slow-charging kerbside electric vehicle (EV) charge points, marking an increase of 13p/kWh. 


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The AA’s monthly ev Recharge Report reveals that certain charge point operators have adjusted prices for EV drivers lacking dedicated off-street parking, aiming to assist in managing grid demand during the autumn and winter seasons. As the public Charging market expands, EV drivers are reportedly becoming accustomed to price fluctuations mirroring seasonal demands, akin to adjustments observed in domestic energy costs throughout the year.

According to the AA’s analysis, both peak and off-peak ultra-rapid charging costs have increased by up to 4p/kWh. Despite this, the report indicates that, even with the price hike at higher speeds, utilising an ultra-rapid Charger during off-peak hours remains more cost-effective per mile compared to filling up a diesel van.

For drivers using charge points with flat-rate prices throughout the day, costs have reportedly remained unchanged since August. The increase in charging expenses coincides with concerns raised by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) regarding competition at motorway service stations.

Jack Cousens, Head of Roads Policy for the AA, expressed concern for EV drivers without a home charging solution, suggesting they might feel unfairly impacted by the price hikes in kerbside charging. He emphasised the responsibility of charge point operators toward grid management, acknowledging that those accustomed to charging near their homes might face challenges if unable to plug in during off-peak hours.

Cousens also noted a missed opportunity in the recent Autumn Statement, where the reduction of VAT on public EV charging to 5% was not addressed, characterising it as a failure to eliminate the perceived ‘pavement tax.’

The AA’s EV Recharge Report for October 2023 provides detailed data on flat rates and peak/off-peak rates for various charge types, speeds, and their respective costs.