Volta Trucks, the start-up truck builder, has released the first details of its “Truck as a Service” (TaaS) leasing rates for its Volta Zero 16-tonne truck. The eight-year leasing package which includes the vehicle, maintenance and service, insurance and charging infrastructure comes in at £3810 for the box bodied ambient rigid and £4610 for the refrigerated version. 


Monthly Truck as a Service leasing rates have been pegged at £3810 for the Volta Zero

It should come as no surprise these rates are significantly higher than an equivalant diesel-powered truck of the same specification, but Volta has made an important first step in its transparency of the pricing of carbon zero vehicles. The leasing rate is based on a 10 vehicle fleet of Volta Zero 16-tonners operating in London with an annual distance of 40,000km and includes a repair and maintenance package covering vehicle and driveline repairs, software updates, routine maintenance, legal inspections and breakdown support. Furthermore, the TaaS offering also includes Volta’s consultancy services in managing the electrification process including installation and management of the charging infrastructure.    

Volta announced the pricing at a recent press and customer activity at the Millbrook Proving Ground in Bendforshire where it was runing a week-long event introducing customers to the new Volta Zero truck. The company has an ambitious plan for growth, confirming it will start vehicle trials with customers in London at the start of next year and will open sites in Germany and Netherlands in Q3 2023, with Spain and Italy following in the final quarter next year. A US market entry is on the cards - the company has confirmed it will be exhibiting at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo in California next May.