Volta trucks is expanding its Truck as a Service (TaaS) Hub network in Europe with two new sites confirmed in Duisburg, Germany and Madrid, Spain. Both locations will offer comprehensive customer support, training, maintenance, and servicing to the trucks operating in those markets, with the Hubs scheduled to open soon.


The new German Volta Trucks Hub is in Duisburg, to the west of the Rhine-Ruhr region. The new centre covers 3,000m² and incorporates eight service and maintenance bays and 12 external truck parking spaces along with a showroom, office space, conference rooms and the Volta Trucks Academy. The Spanish Volta Trucks Hub, located in the Madrid municipality of Coslada, covers an area of around 2,500m² and will house eight truck parking spaces, four workshop bays providing maintenance and servicing along with a showroom, administration offices, a customer call centre, and the Volta Trucks Academy.

The Madrid and Duisburg Hubs will be equipped with a range of chargers strategically installed to meet the charging needs of the Volta Zero alongside other LCVs and passenger cars. This expansion of the TaaS Hub network is a critical element in delivering the Truck as Service (TaaS) solution, according to Casper Norden, Chief Fleet Solutions Officer at Volta Trucks.

TaaS supports customers and partners in switching to an electric fleet by providing a range of turnkey components in one package, delivering competitive total cost of ownership and vehicle uptime, de-risking and accelerating their switch to the all-electric Volta Zero. The expansion of the TaaS Hub network is another step forward in Volta Trucks’ mission to make cities safer, cleaner, and more sustainable by delivering the world’s first purpose-built full-electric large commercial vehicle designed for inner-city freight distribution.

The expansion of the TaaS Hub network comes at a time when the electric vehicle market is growing rapidly. According to a report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, electric vehicles could make up 58% of global passenger car sales by 2040, with electric commercial vehicles making up 31% of the global fleet by the same year. Governments around the world are also setting ambitious targets for the electrification of transport. The European Union, for example, has set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 90% by 2050 compared to 1990 levels.

Volta Trucks’ all-electric trucks are perfectly positioned to help achieve these targets. The Volta Zero has a range of 150 – 200 km (95 – 125 miles), making it ideal for inner-city deliveries, and zero-emissions operation means that it can help cities meet air quality targets.