Volta Trucks has secured more than €85 million in revenue from confirmed orders of full-electric Volta Zeros for delivery in 2023

Volta Trucks, the full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, has reported a strong start to 2023, confirming client production orders for the first 300 manufacturing slots of its full-electric Volta Zero, generating over €85 million in revenue.

Production of Volta Zeros are expected to begin rolling off the assembly line at the company’s contract manufacturing site in Steyr, Austria, in early Q2 2023, with the factory prepared to satisfy significant customer demand for its purpose-built full-electric medium duty urban delivery vehicle.

volta zero

Source: Volta Trucks PR

“Volta Trucks has made important progress in the first few weeks of 2023, confirming more than 300 customer truck orders for the first vehicles off our production line in Austria. This covers a meaningful portion of our 2023 production targets, before customers have pilot tested the vehicles. This is a major achievement and demonstrates the compelling features of the Volta Zero and the trust that our customers have in our ability to deliver,” said Essa Al-Saleh, Chief Executive Officer of Volta Trucks.

“Volta Trucks is poised for a successful first year of sales and production. We are confident and focused on delivering on our strategic ambitions and purpose to decarbonise and improve the safety of city-centres,”  concluded Al-Saleh.