Canadian electric truck manufacturer Vicinity Motor Corp. (VMC) has introduced its first Class 3 electric trucks and is now working on establishing a nationwide distribution network in Canada.


To expand its presence in key Canadian markets such as Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, and the Atlantic provinces, VMC is seeking sophisticated distributors with existing connections, knowledge, facilities, and expertise in servicing battery electric vehicles (BEV). The company brought its trucks to Vaughan, Ontario, for a distributor event to foster these relationships. The goal is to set up a network that can cater to urban applications and final mile deliveries.

VMC, which initially manufactured mid-sized buses, has now entered the commercial truck market with its platform. The VMC 1200 truck features a clear frame rail and back-of-cab, making it easy for bodybuilder installation. The 100kWh battery pack allows for a range of approximately 240km when fully loaded, and the truck can carry a payload of up to 4,500lb (2,000kg), depending on body type.

The company aims to produce around 2,000 trucks by the end of 2023, increasing to 3,000 in the following year. VMC emphasises it is focusing on establishing its presence in the Canadian market before exploring expansion into the United States.

VMC sees itself in a unique niche, complementing existing offerings in the commercial truck sector. VMC plans to introduce a Class 5 truck next year with a GVW of 19,000lb  *.5 tonne) and a battery capacity offering a 400km range.

During a test drive of the VMC 1200, the truck’s interior was described as functional and comfortable, with a spacious and ergonomic cab design. It offers air-conditioning, power windows and locks, and three-person seating as standard features. 

The VMC 1200 is compatible with Level 2 and Level 3 chargers, and VMC has decided not to provide chargers itself, leaving fleet operators to choose the most suitable charging option for their needs. The company aims to offer a variety of body types to customers, providing complete trucks with pre-installed bodies to reduce delays associated with upfitting.