In a significant move towards enhancing its sustainability efforts, Dutch Discounter Action has recently announced the adoption of HVO 100 biodiesel for approximately 150 trucks operating from its distribution centers in Zwaagdijk and Echt.


Action, a leading retailer in the Netherlands, views this transition as a pivotal step in reducing emissions from its trucks by an impressive 90%, making its logistics operations more eco-friendly.

The decision to switch to biodiesel follows a successful pilot programme conducted at the retailer’s head office in Zwaagdijk, where the effectiveness of HVO 100 was thoroughly examined and validated. To facilitate the implementation of this sustainable fuel, Action has partnered with a fuel supplier at its distribution centres in the Netherlands. The fuel partner offers HVO 100 at the pump, streamlining the refueling process for truck drivers, ensuring minimal disruptions to their daily activities.

HVO 100 is the biodiesel variant chosen by Action for its trucks. This fuel can be produced from various resources, but to ensure complete sustainability and avoid any contribution to deforestation, Action opted for a product that is 100% guaranteed to be sourced from recycled vegetable oils, such as used cooking oil. By utilising HVO 100, the company ensures that the biodiesel meets EU standards and actively contributes to a greener future, aligning with its commitment to sustainable practices.