Carlsberg Sverige has taken its first step towards a net zero carbon footprint by investing in a comprehensive electric truck initiative in collaboration with Einride in Sweden.


Collaborating with freight mobility company Einride, Carlsberg Sverige is propelling its mission towards achieving a net zero carbon footprint with a new initiative focusing on the brewery in Falkenberg, the water factory in Ramlösa, and transshipment terminals in Gothenburg, Malmö, and Helsingborg.

Peter Hammarstedt, CEO of Carlsberg Sverige, highlights the company’s history of collaboration with Einride, which began in 2022 with the electrification of heavy warehouse transportation in Halland. The partnership expanded in 2023 with the addition of an electric truck route between Falkenberg and Ramlösa. The current stride involves a significant investment in a sustainable transport solution for southern and western Sweden, underlining the commitment to fostering a carbon-neutral value chain.

A fleet of eight electric trucks with trailers, each accommodating 51 pallet spaces, is set to be introduced on the designated routes. To facilitate charging, Einride will establish an infrastructure at strategic locations, including the Falkenberg brewery and the Ramlösa water factory. The trucks will charge during loading and unloading operations. The deployment of the initial electric trucks is scheduled for the autumn of 2024.

Operating under the mobility platform Einride Saga, the electric truck fleet’s operations, planning, optimisation, and monitoring will be streamlined. This expanded partnership between Carlsberg Sverige and Einride aims to electrify around 7,650,000 transport kilometers over five years, resulting in a substantial reduction of approximately 12,300 tonnes of CO2 compared to traditional diesel trucks, says thecompany.