Tevva is putting its merger troubles of the past six months behind it, announcing a renewed UK sales push with the first customer Drive Event scheduled for Thursday, 22 February.


Source: Tevva

This event is tailored for fleet managers, transport managers, operations directors, and individuals responsible for decarbonising their commercial vehicle fleets, providing them with the opportunity to experience firsthand the capabilities of the Tevva 7.5-tonne Battery electric truck.

During the Drive Event, participants will have the chance to either drive or be driven on local roads, gaining a practical understanding of the features and benefis of electric drives. With plans to host these Drive Events regularly throughout 2024, Tevva London encourages interested parties to register their interest

By providing a platform for hands-on experiences and knowledge sharing, Tevva London aims to contribute to the ongoing efforts to integrate electric vehicles into commercial fleets, promoting informed decision-making in the transition toward sustainable transportation solutions.