Swiss eMobility specialist Designwerk has been awarded a significant contract by the city of Zurich for the delivery of 26 fully electric waste collection vehicles, marking the largest order in the company’s history. The LOW CAB Collect 6x2R 450E vehicles are scheduled to be completed and handed over to the city by the end of 2027.


Source: Designwerk

Contrary to a conventional handover event, Designwerk plans to deliver each vehicle upon completion, with the 26th vehicle expected to be finalised by the end of 2027. While the specific handover date for the first vehicle remains undisclosed, Designwerk successfully secured the contract, addressing challenges beyond the electric drive specified in the city’s tender.

One notable challenge was the requirement for the vehicles to have the shortest possible wheelbase to enhance manoeuvrability in tight traffic conditions. Designwerk met this criterion by offering a vehicle with a unique wheelbase of just 3.45 meters.

Despite the compact wheelbase, the LOW CAB Collect 6x2R 450E accommodates a substantial battery capacity of 450kWh, strategically chosen to support all-day operation in cold weather conditions even after 10 years of use, considering potential battery degradation.

Charging infrastructure for the 26 refuse collection vehicles includes two on-board chargers with a total charging capacity of 44kW (AC), facilitating slow overnight charging to meet energy consumption and operational requirements. Designwerk’s success in winning the tender reinforces its position as a technological leader in custom electric commercial vehicles, emphasising the company’s adaptability and expertise.

The city of Zurich has been committed to a more sustainable vehicle and transport policy since 2008, aiming for a fully electric ERZ fleet by 2032. Designwerk, having served as a partner for electrification in the past, delivered the first electric vehicle for ERZ in 2020, followed by ten more fully electric waste collection vehicles in 2023.