Volvo Trucks has taken the wraps off, what it claims to be its most efficient truck ever, the new FH Aero. 

volvo Areo 1

Source: Volvo

Featuring a new aerodynamic design and a host of other innovations, the FH Aero is available in four versions - the FH Aero, FH Aero Electric, FH Aero gas-powered and FH16 Aero - taking power from diesel, biofuel or battery electric. “The new Volvo FH Aero is our most efficient truck ever as we continue to reduce co2 from our entire product range,” says Roger Alm, President Volvo Trucks. “This is a Volvo truck at its best – a safe, beautifully designed and superior quality truck for tough long-haul tasks, designed for the success of our customers.”

The incorporation of improved aerodynamics and technologies like Volvo’s Camera Monitor System aims to reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 5 percent. Irrespective of the chosen powertrain—electric, gas, or diesel—the FH Aero variants promise lower energy consumption, extended range, and enhanced safety features. The roll-out of the new Aero truck models is scheduled gradually across markets from 2024 to 2025.

The extended front of the Volvo FH Aero cab, contributing to improved aerodynamics, facilitates lower fuel consumption and heightened stability in adverse weather conditions. The FH Aero Electric model benefits from these enhancements, as well as improvements to brake efficiency, allowing increased energy regeneration during braking or downhill driving.

The modern design of the FH Aero features prominent Volvo branding, including the largest Volvo Iron Mark on a modern Volvo truck. The integration of a Camera Monitor System, replacing traditional mirrors, enhances visibility for the driver, improving safety conditions in various driving conditions.

Noteworthy features of the FH Aero include Volvo’s I-See technology for energy and emissions savings, updated brakes for improved braking capacity, and an upgraded infotainment system with personalisation options. Interior enhancements encompass a sound system with premium speakers, a built-in navigation system, and practical additions like a microwave oven and USB-C power outlets.

Volvo Trucks introduces the My Business Apps subscription service, available in more markets, allowing customers to download business-related apps for use on the truck’s side display. Additionally, the Tire Monitoring Service through Volvo Connect provides fleet operators with comprehensive insights, reducing the potential costs and disruptions associated with tire issues.

The Volvo FH will continue to be offered with a standard non-extended cab, catering to market preferences.