In an encouraging development for the electric commercial vehicle sector, MAN has announced the near sell-out of the “Limited Edition” models of its 2024 MAN eTruck, designed for long-distance transport.


Source: MAN

Just over three months since the sales launch, these limited-edition vehicles are nearly fully allocated, with a total of 700 orders and order requests received, says the company. Large-scale production is set to commence at the MAN plant in Munich in 2025, with the goal of having half of all new MAN Trucks delivered in Europe electrically powered by 2030.

The new MAN eTruck models, the MAN eTGX and MAN eTGS, have garnered attention for their modular battery concept, offering flexibility in configuration to meet specific requirements. With a choice of three to six battery packs, these electric trucks provide thebalance between range, payload, and Charging time for various applications, ranging from city centre deliveries to long-distance logistics.

Featuring a daily range of up to 800 kilometers and the ability to accommodate up to 480kWh of usable battery capacity with six battery packs, the MAN eTGX and eTGS showcase a commitment to versatility and adaptability. The modular battery concept not only facilitates customisation for different bodies, but also allows for the accommodation of short wheelbases, enabling compatibility with various semi-trailer variants.

However, MAN emphasises the critical need for an accelerated expansion of the public charging infrastructure to support the widespread adoption of electric freight transport. MAN CEO Alexander Vlaskamp highlights the urgency for collaborative efforts from stakeholders in politics, the energy sector, and the industry to achieve at least 50,000 charging points in Europe by 2030.

MAN’s commitment to supporting customers in their transition to electric trucks is evident through its 360-degree eMobility Consulting, offering advice on vehicle selection, operating conditions, cost optimization, and route analysis. The company also provides digital tools, including the MAN eReadyCheck and MAN eManager, to assist customers in evaluating electric delivery routes and monitoring charging statuses within their fleets. MAN has further expanded its portfolio to include charging infrastructure offerings through partnerships with key manufacturers in the sector.