Japanese automakers Honda and Isuzu have initiated the testing phase for their jointly-developed ‘Giga Fuel Cell’ truck on public roads in Japan. The testing period, set to run until September 2024, aligns with the timeline previously announced by the companies.

Isuzu and Honda

Source: Isuzu

Introduced in October 2023, the 25-tonne Fuel Cell truck boasts a promised range exceeding 800 miles. The vehicle features four fuel cell stacks from Honda, each with a capacity of 103kW, and a Hydrogen storage capacity of 56kg.

The Giga Fuel Cell truck is designed to function as a mobile power station, a crucial attribute for disaster-prone regions in Japan. Honda notes that the vehicle is equipped with an external power output function, with two CHAdeMO connectors capable of supplying up to 530kWh.

The commencement of testing marks a pivotal step for Honda and Isuzu as they aim to gather valuable data, accumulate knowledge, and identify any technical issues in preparation for the anticipated market introduction in 2027. The prototype used for testing, mirrors the vehicle showcased at the Japan Mobility Show in 2023.

While the test runs occur on public roads across Tochigi, Saitama, Tokyo, and Kanagawa prefectures, the collected data will primarily remain internal. Both Isuzu and Honda, utilising their own logistics companies, will operate one vehicle each during the testing phase and also evaluate the refueling process.

Reiterating their shared belief in the effectiveness of fuel cell technology for achieving carbon neutrality in heavy-duty trucks, Honda and Isuzu embarked on joint research for fuel-cell-powered heavy-duty trucks in early 2020. 

Honda, outlining its future strategy for fuel cell utilisation in February 2023, identified four core domains for the application of its FC system: fuel cell vehicles, commercial vehicles, stationary power stations, and construction machinery.

In parallel, Isuzu has engaged in other partnerships related to fuel cell trucks, including collaborations on light commercial trucks with Hino and Toyota.