ReFuels, a collaboration between CNG Fuels and Foresight Group, is in the process of constructing a biomethane refuelling station for trucks in Doncaster. The upcoming facility will feature 12 fuel pumps, capable of servicing over 500 HGVs daily.


Source: Refuels

Strategically located, the new station is within an hour’s reach of Immingham Docks, facilitating fleets traveling to and from the port to utilise 100% renewable biomethane. Given that 76% of intermodal journeys involving HGVs start or end at a shipping dock, ReFuels emphasises the station’s significant role in helping major fleets achieve emission reductions exceeding 90% compared to diesel.

Situated in South Yorkshire, a key logistics hub in the UK, the station’s central location enables 90% of the UK’s population and four major ports to be within a 4–5-hour range. “The Doncaster station will not only expand the reach of low-carbon deliveries for our existing customers, including the likes of Amazon, DHL, and Lidl, but many more major brands and local hauliers looking to make substantial emission cuts of over 90% from fleets,” explained Philip Fjeld, CEO and co-founder of ReFuels. He underlined ReFuels’ commitment to meeting the rising demand for low-carbon fuel by continuing to open and build new stations across the country.

The Doncaster biomethane refuelling station is part of ReFuels’ efforts to contribute to emission reduction in the logistics sector. It serves as a joint venture between CNG Fuels, known for its infrastructure expertise, and Foresight Group, a sustainability-focused investment management company.

In July 2023, ReFuels announced a substantial 80% increase in fuel dispensed compared to the same period in the previous year, indicating a growing interest and demand for low-carbon fuel solutions in the transportation sector.