Westport has successfully completed a heavy transport demonstration in Madrid, Spain, with its H2 HPDI™-equipped prototype truck, showcasing the potential for hydrogen-powered logistics and decarbonisation in the country’s heavy transport sector.

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. (Westport), a provider of advanced alternative fuel systems and components for the global transportation industry, recently concluded a successful heavy transport demonstration of hydrogen internal combustion technology in Madrid, Spain. The demonstration featured a prototype truck equipped with Westport’s H2 HPDI™ (high pressure direct injection) fuel system, transporting refrigerated goods for Mercadona, a leading Spanish supermarket chain.

Key partners in this collaboration included Disfrimur SL, a transport and logistics company specialising in sustainable transport, Enagás’ Subsidiary Scale Gas, an energy infrastructure firm responsible for refueling the vehicle at its Madrid Hydrogen refueling station, and Versallis Tech Services, a consulting firm specialising in hydrogen and renewable energy services.

Mercadona played a crucial role in enabling this demonstration by using the prototype truck for its distribution service in Madrid, thereby contributing to more sustainable logistics in the region.

Juan J. Sanchez, CEO of Disfrimur, emphasised the importance of affordable heavy-duty hydrogen-fueled trucks to help customers achieve their decarbonisation goals. He praised Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system as a practical, cost-effective solution that aligns with operational needs and sustainability goals.

Anders Johansson, vice president of Heavy Duty OEMs for Westport, highlighted the practicality of Westport’s H2 HPDI fuel system. This system, which powers an internal combustion engine, offers a sustainable solution for achieving climate neutrality in heavy transport. He also expressed his satisfaction in seeing the H2 HPDI prototype truck effectively delivering fresh products to a supermarket logistics center.

The collaboration among these companies reflects their combined efforts to build a comprehensive initiative aimed at sustainable and efficient transport in the Spanish capital using a carbon-free fuel.