BP has joined the H2Accelerate initiative, signaling its commitment to support the development of hydrogen refueling infrastructure for trucks across Europe. This collaboration aims to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen-powered heavy-duty transport and reduce carbon emissions in the industry.

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BP has announced it has signed up to the H2Accelerate initiative. This collaboration aims to facilitate the development of hydrogen refueling infrastructure essential for a comprehensive hydrogen trucking network across Europe.

The H2Accelerate project has welcomed bp as a vital partner, recognising the company’s extensive experience and expertise in hydrogen production and refueling technologies. With a focus on promoting sustainable transportation, this partnership seeks to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen-powered trucks.

Hydrogen is viewed as a promising low-carbon energy source for the transportation sector, especially for applications where electrification may not be feasible. Bp intends to leverage its various business segments to offer customers access to hydrogen along major road networks in Europe and the UK by 2030, it says in a press statement.

Emma Delaney EVP, Customers and Product at bp, said, “Hydrogen will be a key energy for heavy duty transport supporting carbon emissions reduction. To deliver this at both scale and pace will need companies across industries to work together, and this is exactly why we see collaborations like H2Accelerate as so valuable.”