Unlocking the potential for affordable and eco-friendly light electric vehicles through the EU’s GIANTS project, which aims to streamline production and foster innovation in urban transportation

Valoe Light truck

Source: Valoe News

The European Union’s GIANTS (Green Intelligent Affordable New Transport Solutions) project, is making strides towards the creation of cost-effective light electric vehicles (L5, L6, and L7) tailored for urban mobility on a global scale. 

Under the GIANTS initiative, the objective is to simplify the production of light electric vehicles. Valoe, a Finnish project partner, is developing a suite of standardised components, which can be assembled anywhere. These standardised building blocks are designed to be adaptable, accommodating various configurations and include a portable battery, scalable electric powertrain, a standardised vehicle control system, and integrated solar panels.

The GIANTS project boasts a budget of €15 million, with €12m allocated as a grant. The technologies pioneered by the GIANTS project have the potential to be integrated into an estimated 1.5 million vehicles annually starting in 2028. This project brings together a consortium of 24 partners and is expected to run for three and a half years. Valoe is among the most recent additions to this collaborative effort. Alongside Valoe, other notable project participants include Renault, Toyota Motor Europe, small vehicle manufacturer Clean Motion from Sweden, and French company Valeo Equipments Moteur.